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Holistic Treatments

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Remedial, sports, pregnancy and deep tissue massage

If you are feeling stressed out, have tight or sore muscles or injuries that need rehabilitation or you just need some time out massage is the remedy.

I have 23 years of full-time experience and use this art to detoxify, relax and rejuvenate your body.  It is great for injury rehabilitation and disease and injury prevention.  Massage compliments ant-aging.  It has the ability to clear trauma and increase your flexibility by improving your movement and body function.  Organic and aromatherapy oils are used to complement your massage in a safe and peaceful environment so you can enjoy some down time for yourself.  Deeply therapeutic and relaxing and meditative.

1 hour to 90 minute sessions


Tarot Readings

For people who want to discuss their lives but find it hard to.

See what the cards have to show you.  They may address matters that give you clarity and validate your thoughts, provide you with more ideas or motivate action and help you confront situations that are difficult to confront by helping you implement strategies or plans to support your progress.

30 minute to 1 hour sessions


Crystal Healing

For people who love crystal this may be something for you.

Crystals are placed on and around the body,  The crystals are activated to balance chakras and provide an opportunity for inner child healing. Programming a crystal you keep with you can be a powerful influence on your feelings and actions. 

90 minute sessions



Transference Healing

Transference Healing is a set of healing procedures created by Alexis Cartwright that are divined and conducted in sequence for increased health and awareness. This healing modality works on the energetic aspects of the body to assist our ascension process and create holistic health. It assists anyone who is interested in purifying their energetic system and receiving the benefits of what that creates in their life.

2 hours sessions



Reiki clears negative energetic influence for personal truth and honour. 

Reiki is an intentionally protecting and empowering, mentally and emotionally nurturing and an enlightening force.  Reiki is not a conventional treatment but as a practitioner I see its effects in positive change.  Reiki is channelled through the hands of the practitioner. Relax and receive.
90 minute sessions


Australian Bush Flower Remedies

For people who want to shift their state, achieve their goals or need support through challenging times, these powerful remedies work wonders

Australian Bush Flower essences chosen for you are mixed into a 15ml bottle with a dropper lid for you to take 7 drops twice daily.  Remedies compliment every treatment above but stand alone in their medicinal effects.  I have been taking our homeland flower essences and remedies for decades and they support any life situation.

Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedy