the Highest Health TREATMENTS

Holistic Treatments



All massage treatments come from 23 years experience weaving a variety of massage modalities together to create a very relaxing, rejuvenating, nurturing and detoxifying experience. Using the highest grade aromatherapy oils, organic base creams and oils together with healing sound frequencies, crystals, candles and cleansing herbs, massage is a self-loving way to take some time out for you.

1 hour to 90 min sessions


Tarot Readings

Tarot reading helps achieve clarity and direction in your life. For the curious, its a way to draw guidance to your life. I do not use tarot to predict the future however it is used to see things objectively for discussion and/or resolution and give greater understanding to situations at hand. I use tarot to help me read what areas of the energetic body need balancing to hlep move forward in life. Tarot is a useful healing modality to add to a massage treatment or a crystal healing treatment.

30min to 1 hour sessions


Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing balances and aligns the chakra system. Crystal healing also works on inner-child healing. It assists in bringing awareness to the issues that create blockage in the chakras for overall wellbeing. It opens the heart. I act as a conduit and amplifier, directing spiritual and energetic healing.

60 min to 90 min sessions


Transference Healing

Transference Healing is a set of healing procedures created by Alexis Cartwright that are divined and conducted in sequence for increased health and awareness. This healing modality works on the energetic aspects of the body to assist our ascension process and create holistic health. It assists anyone who is interested in purifying their energetic system and receiving the benefits of what that creates in their life.

90 min to 2 hours sessions



Reiki is powerful yet gentle energy that balances and purifies the body and creates higher health not just for the physical body but for all aspects of your being. Reiki is channeled through my hands to different parts of your body while you relax and receive.

1 hour sessions


Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Australian Bush Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine that are administered to clear disease by balancing subtle energetic aspects of disease causation that create imbalances. They can also be used to help treat miasms. Miasms represent a unique energetic state which in itself is not an illness but predisposes the individual to illness. The most common miasms are acquired through exposure to various bacteria, viruses and toxic agents. They are also inherited along familial lines. Taken until the bottle is empty you place 7 drops under the tongue morning and night these essences clear miasms, heal emotions and can shift destructive behavioural patterns and perspectives that create negativity or pain. Australian Bush Flower remedies compliment most treatments listed above. I create the remedy from nearly 40 different flower essences for your individual needs.

Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedy